Tiny Bisque Dolls


These tiny all bisque mignonette dolls were made in 1983 and are only 2 1/2″ tall.



Tiny Bisque Dolls

These tiny bisque dolls are only 2 1/2" tall with jointed arms and legs that are strung on the inside. They would be perfect for either a 1/12th doll house or for a dolls dolly. Each one is just a little different, even though they came from the same mold. They have painted eyes and painted shoes, and each comes with cotton lace undies and a doll stand. The pictures are numbered in the lower right corner. There is only one of each doll available. I put a quarter next to each one to show size, but it does not come with the doll.



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Tiny Bisque Dolls

Doll #5 Brunette w/1 green bow $38.00, Doll #8 w/braids $38.00, Doll #9 Blonde w/ 2 lavender bows $38.00


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