Original Shirley Temple Doll Pleated Dance Dress




This Original Shirley Temple Doll Pleated Dance Dress is often called the starburst dress. It originally had holes in the bodice and the skirt. I lined the bodice with organdy, so the bodice is a little stiffer than it originally was. The holes are still there, but they are stabilized so the dress will stay whole now. There are numerous pinholes in the skirt. There is a photo of the worst holes on the back of the dress. The pleats hide the holes very well. I re-pleated the dress and added silk ribbons. The dress tag is missing, but it does have the 18 size tag in the back seam.

I only have one of these available. It fits the 18" composition Shirley Temple doll.

Shirley Temple combination underwear, center snap shoes, and rayon socks are available also.


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