Before/After Pics

  • Composition Scootles Doll

    Composition Scootles Doll

      This composition Scootles was a basket case when I got him. After many hours of sanding and painting, he…

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  • Kewpie Doll

    Kewpie Doll

      Everyone loves the ever popular Kewpie dolls. I have restored many of these Kewpies.

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  • Mama Doll

    Mama Doll

      The little girl who owned this dolly buried her in honor of her Uncle who had just passed away.…

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  • Felt Doll

    Felt Doll

    This sweet felt doll came from Italy in the early 30’s. She had age spots on her body, a deep…

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  • Patsy Mae Doll

    Patsy Mae Doll

      This is my Patsy Mae. I used an antique child's dress that I cut down for her dress. I…

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  • Stuffed Rabbit

    Stuffed Rabbit

    Squeaky The Stuffed Rabbit This sweet stuffed rabbit was given to a two year old boy who loved him very…

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  • Paper Mache Doll

    Paper Mache Doll

      Doggy had a play day with this treasured doll. I wasn't sure I could put this puzzle together, but…

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  • Oriental Baby Doll

    Oriental Baby Doll

      This baby was about four different colors and his head and body were cracked opened. I did a complete…

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