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Doll Repair Pocatello ID

 Doll Repair Pocatello ID We recently had a client request repairs for a Madam Alexander Baby Doll [caption id="attachment_2855" align="alignleft" width="224"] Madam Alexander Baby Doll[/caption] Since we offer Doll Repair Pocatello ID we were happy to help! This baby has a story, just as all the dolls do. Half the charm of each doll is hearing…
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Stuffed Rabbit Repair – Mr. Bunny

Stuffed Rabbit Repair Mr. Bunny comes for a full restoration. Stuffed Rabbit Repair - Stuffed animal repair at the Forget Me Not Doll Hospital is like a spa treatment for special stuffed animals. Mr. Bunny  had been well loved. His fur was matted down and with 50 years of dust layers he looked a beige color. He…
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