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Due to the high-volume of repair orders awaiting completion, I am only accepting local repairs at this time.



Professional Antique Doll Repair and Restoration


Vintage and Antique Dolls and Stuffed Animals


Here at Forget Me Not Doll Repair, I do professional antique doll repair and full doll restoration to bring your precious dolls back to their former beauty. Do you have a beloved old doll or teddy that is dirty, or broken? Perhaps it is in a shoe box in the garage or attic and looks like a basket case. I am never shocked at the state they are in. If you have deep feelings for your childhood doll, it is so rewarding to see it restored. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a doll or teddy that was treasured by your mother or grandmother. Bring it in to Forget Me Not Doll Repair and when you see it next, your heart will sing!

I have had a lifelong passion for antique and vintage dolls. I have skills and training in museum quality doll restorations. As a professional seamstress with 50+ years of sewing experience, I have sewn for children, dolls, the theater, and other productions. I love to make period doll costumes and recreate the old doll clothes. Fill out the free doll repair quote with pictures and a description of your doll and you will receive a free estimate to restore your precious doll.

I am a doll restoration artist, and as an artist, I need time to think and consider options for each doll. Doll repair and restoration is a creative process. I don't just churn out fixed dolls. It takes time and lots of thoughtful contemplation to properly restore a doll. Each doll is unique and presents its own problems. Your doll may take a longer stay at my shop, but you will be happy with the results when you finally get her back.

Forget Me Not Doll Repair provides:

  • Antique Doll Repair
  • Doll Restoration
  • Rebuild or replace doll parts
  • Stringing
  • Cleaning
  • Doll Clothes

Forget Me Not Doll Repair specializes in the repair, restoration and care of:

  • compo dolls
  • paper mache dolls
  • cloth dolls and teddy bears
  • hard plastic and vinyl dolls
  • stuffed animal restoration




antique doll repair

Examining a patient

Whether you need help with a family heirloom or a childhood treasure, Forget Me Not Doll Repair can help you. I have been lovingly restoring and dressing dolls since about 1980. I really enjoy restoring all dolls and toys, but especially enjoy pre-1950 antique and vintage dolls, "Shirley Temple" dolls, and other compo dolls.

Rest assured that your precious doll will receive the best attention at Forget Me Not Doll Repair.

Custom Made Doll Clothes

All the doll clothes on this site are custom made by me and are tagged, "by RubieMae". Most of them are copies of vintage and antique doll clothes. Sometimes I have them finished and ready to sell, but most of the time I make them to order. So, you may not get your order right away. My goal is to have them in the mail in about a week, but sometimes life happens and it may take 2-3 weeks. My regular customers all say that they are worth waiting for.